Meeting Rooms

The Catoosa County Library (CCL) provides meeting room and patio space, “The Porch,” for library sponsored or co-sponsored programs as well as service to the community for use by nonprofit organizations and government or public education agencies.  This is a community resource providing a place for people to gather for cultural, civic, intellectual and informational educational engagement. Priority for use will be given to library-related and county government programs and those co-sponsored by the library.  The libraries may set aside certain times for library-related programs.  CCL reserves the right to deny applications for use to eligible organizations based on the availability of space, staff coverage, and frequency of use.



Approval does not constitute a “co-sponsoring” relationship and should not be represented to the public as such.  No implications can be made through written material or media relations that CCL is sponsoring the event.  Authorization of the use of CCL’s facilities does not reflect endorsement by the Library of any particular program, position, or purpose of any person or organization.


The library does not set up rooms/spaces for outside groups; however, we are available to show you the space and offer suggestions.  Set up and clean-up are the responsibility of the group.

CLICK HERE to download the meeting room reservation request form.

The library also provides a single, private study room to the public. This room contains a small table and four chairs.


This room can only be reserved on the day of expected use by calling the library or asking staff at the library's front desk. Additionally, this room can only be reserved for a two-hour block.

Study Rooms