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The Library at Catoosa offers a variety of services, such as activities for all ages, an outstanding Genealogy collection, and over 100,000 items in print and audiovisual formats to check out. At the library, we provide free Internet, access to Microsoft Office programs, GALILEO, GADD, and so much more!


The Catoosa County Library is a member of PINES, a public library lending network of more than 300 libraries throughout Georgia.

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Fines Free Library

Starting on July 1, 2024, the Catoosa County Library is proud to join several Georgia Libraries in going mostly fines-free! We appreciate the support of the Catoosa County Board of Commissioners and the Catoosa County Library Board of Trustees for making this possible.

Libraries across the United States have started to move to fines-free structures. This trend has been shown to not only increase return rates for borrowed items but to increase the use of the library in general as well as improve accessibility for community members. We are so excited to remove barriers for our amazing patrons and invite everyone to come back to see what else is new!

Please see below for some answers about what this means for you or reach out to us at for more information.

What does mostly Fine Free mean?

Late fines will no longer be applied to your account for most items, but you are still responsible for returning everything you borrow. We ask that you continue to return or renew your items on time, as someone else may be waiting for them. Lost, unreturned, and damaged items will still have fees applied.

The Catoosa County Library has eliminated late fines on books, audiobooks, DVDs, Blu-rays, music CDs, and kits. Passes and technology, such as Launchpads and Chromebooks will still have late fines applied.

What happens to the fines already on my account?

Most patrons should have been given a clean slate. Items that have not been returned or were returned damaged on or after January 1, 2022, will still be charged to your account. If you have any questions about a charge on your account or believe you have been charged in error, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for more information.

When are items NOT fines free?

Items that are owned by other library systems, made possible through a contractual agreement like partnership passes, and technology will still accrue late fines. Video games and cake pans will also accrue late fines.

How will I know if my items may have fines?

The receipt given at checkout will have a notation if the item is subject to fines. Remember that an item that does not belong to Catoosa County Library will be subject to fines as set by that system. Video games, cake pans, partnership passes, and technology, such as the Launchpads and Chromebooks, will still accrue fines.

What if a book is lost or damaged?

These items will still be charged to your account, no matter what library they belong to. We will continue to charge replacement costs for items that are never returned or are damaged. We are unable to remove charges from other libraries.

Items not returned 90 days after their due date will be automatically charged to your account as a lost item.

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