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Volunteering at the Library

Library volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and their contribution to the library is immeasurable! Volunteers assist in shelving, helping with programs,  and other large projects. 

Call 706-965-3600 or email if you have questions or would like more information.

Why Should I Volunteer? 

In addition to providing valuable assistance to your local library's operations, volunteers have the opportunity to gain work experience or earn service hours for clubs.


Most of our amazing volunteers just love the library or want to make a difference in their community. Others want to learn new skills or meet new people. 

Whatever your reasons are, the real question is why not?

Catoosa County Parks and Recreation Fall Festival

Can I Volunteer?


All our volunteers must be 16 years or older before volunteering with us. Volunteers must consent to a background check and wait for approval. Final approval of volunteers is made by the Catoosa County Government's Human Resources department.


While we often work with school clubs and other organizations to provide service hours, we are unable to offer any court-ordered service hours.

How to Volunteer

Heard enough and ready to join our team? All we need is a completed application! Stop by and ask for a copy or download it using the link above.

Once you have completely filled out the packet, you may return your completed packet to a staff member or email a scanned copy of your packet to

Please note that it can take several weeks to process your application. If you wish to be notified when you have been approved, please let staff know when you turn in your packet.

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